Peter Frampton Recalls George Harrison’s Unexpected Offer

Peter Frampton recently appeared on VRP Rocks to share how he was invited to play in late George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass.’ During the interview, the guitarist recalled recording for Dorris Troy and shared his experience with meeting Harrison for the first time.

After Frampton was invited to Harrison’s studio session, Harrison asked him whether or not he would like to play guitar for Troy’s ‘Ain’t That Cute.’ After sharing that he accepted the offer, he went on to explain what happened in the studio:

“So I’m just playing very quiet rhythm because this is the Beatles lead guitar player here and there is Stephen Stills. So I think I had to just sort of be in the background here, and then halfway through, George stops, and he goes, ‘Pete, no! Man, I want you to play the lead licks.’ and so I said, ‘Oh my god, this is too good to be true.’

So anyways, if you listen to ‘Ain’t That Cute,’ which is the lead track of the album, Dorris Troy’s album, I’m playing the intro, and the lick keeps coming back every time, and then George did a little slide solo on it afterwards.”

After he was done playing the song, Harrison ended up asking him to play for the rest of Troy’s album, which Frampton accepted. The guitarist played at least five tracks on the album, and after he was finished, he was called by Harrison. Frampton revealed the Beatle’s offer:

“That was finished, so two weeks later, George calls me up, he would always call me directly, and he said, ‘Pete, can you come and play on my album now?’ And I said, ‘Yes, please,’ and he said, ‘Yeah, it’s just acoustic, it’s me you, and three of Badfinger and Phil Spector.'”

Apparently, there were more people than he expected to find in the studio. He continued:

“So I walk in with my acoustic, and it’s Ringo on drums and Jim Gordon from [Derek and the Dominos] on, it’s the Dominos basically and a couple of peoples, and Klaus and everybody and Gary Wright on keyboards. So I ended up playing on about four or five tracks that week.”

After playing and recording those five tracks, Harrison needed to call Frampton again since he wanted more acoustics in his album. Although the guitarist evidently seemed to have fun during the whole process, Harrison didn’t give Frampton credit for playing in his album.

Below you can watch the whole interview.