Perry Farrell Shares Taylor Hawkins’ Final Wish About Jane’s Addiction

In a recent chat with Allison Hagendorf, Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell and his wife Etty shared how the late Taylor Hawkins meditated the band to reunite. Perry revealed Taylor’s final wish for the band by sharing:

“He [Taylor Hawkins] didn’t tell me that [he was talking to Eric Avery] all he would say is, ‘Just have the guy write you some grooves, man, haven’t seen your grooves.’ It’s not that simple, Taylor. But Taylor wanted so badly to see Jane’s whole and complete.”

Etty shared the backstory of how Perry and Eric reconnected with Taylor’s help. She explained:

“Taylor Hawkins is completely well majority responsible for bringing the two of them back together. Once when we were touring, we were talking about it, and Eric [Avery] said you know that at the very beginning when they started communicating because you can’t put aside 20-some years of difference and jump right in, there would be some preliminary conversations.”

She added:

“Eric would say that he would have Taylor on the other line, and then he would say, ‘Perry just said this to me; what should I say back to him.’ Taylor, in the background, was talking to Perry about having Eric back in the fold at the same time talking to Eric about coming back in the fold for a good two years he was the mediator.”

The vocalist and dancer also revealed Taylor’s mission during Covid. Etty said:

“I think that was his Covid mission. His whole Covid was staying at home with his kids, which is very wonderful. I’m glad that he had that time with his kids, right, but his whole mission during Covid was to bring the band back.”

Even though Hawkins didn’t get the chance to see the original line-up get back together with Avery’s return, Perry told NYPost last fall what Hawkins wanted for the band. Perry recalled:

“Taylor was there in the early days when Jane’s was running the streets of Los Angeles. He just wanted to see Jane’s come back together. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it, but I know for sure he’s watching, and I know for sure he’s listening.”

You can watch Perry Farrell’s interview with Allison Hagendorf below.