Perry Farrell Explains Inspiring By ‘Going All The Way’ For ‘Twilight’ Soundtrack

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell once wrote a soundtrack for the movie ‘Twilight,’ and you may have heard it before.

A snippet of a new interview with Vulture was recently posted on Instagram, where the singer explained how he came up with the ‘going all the way’ line in his soundtrack ‘Go All The Way (Into The Twilight).’ As it appears, the proposal happened at the time he was least expecting to get:

“Getting a knock on the door, I’m not expecting anyone. But I tell my kid, ‘Answer the door, tell ’em to go away.’ But I’m on the other side of the door. I’m like this, [stands up to imitate his reaction] ‘Tell them to go away.’ So my kid’s going, ‘My dad says to go away.’ He was looking at me, it’s my friend Brian. [I say] ‘Alright Brian, hey man, what’s going on? Come on in.’ He goes, ‘I gotta get you on the soundcheck, my girlfriend is coming down with this new movie, it’s gonna be awesome.'”

Farell had to do some thinking to come up with the lyrics. How did he come up with it? He explained:

“So the next thing I have to think is how can I relate to a teen? There is an extreme expression I have not heard in years and years. ‘Did you go all the way? Did you guys go all the way?’ So that became the chorus.”

What The Song Really Means

Despite the ‘teen expression’ he has not heard in years, the song has an entirely different meaning than what you may think. Shortly after the song was released, Farrell talked about the meaning of the soundtrack:

“The song conjures up that adolescent feeling when a young man, whose been pursuing a girl he really likes, finally gets her. It’s about the intense emotions when they go all the way.”

‘Twilight’ is not the only movie he contributed to. The rocker also wrote a soundtrack for ‘NCIS,’ an American military police procedural television series.

You can hear the song below.