Paul Weller Slams The Cure’s Robert Smith

The rock music scene is accustomed to bad blood between two artists or long-lasting feuds. However, Paul Weller took this to another level with his highly-controversial remarks about the Cure frontman Robert Smith. In a recent interview with Record Collector, Weller aired his lungs while speaking of Smith.

Years ago, Robert Smith argued that punk is not a political movement and that one needs to be stupid to believe someone like Paul Weller or him. In 2004, he also admitted that they sneakily ‘borrowed’ Weller’s band the Jam’s equipment while recording the debut Cure album ‘Three Imaginary Boys.’

Weller didn’t make any statements after these remarks. However, it sounds like he has held a grudge against Robert Smith throughout the years. When Record Collector asked him whether one of Noel Gallagher’s songs sounded similar to the Cure’s ‘A Forest,’ Weller decided to spill out his hatred against Smith and the band.

“I can’t f*cking stand them,” said Paul Weller, expressing his hate towards the Cure. He then attacked Robert Smith, “F*cking fat c*nt, with his lipstick and all that boll**ks. He is my age as well, isn’t he? He’s a f*cking knob end. I don’t like him. There you go. There’s someone I would work with. I’d f*cking slap him or something.”

It’s possible that Paul has been angry about Robert Smith’s remarks about him and the Jam. The way he chose to express his hatred is indeed inappropriate, and it might result in a long-lasting feud between the two sides. For now, Robert Smith hasn’t made any comments about Weller’s remarks.