Paul Stanley Says He’s Always Considered Himself Not A Rock Singer While Sharing Details Of His Soul Station Project

In an interview with Forbes, KISS frontman Paul Stanley talked about the latest album he released with his side project Soul Station and admitted that he has never seen himself as solely a rock singer.

KISS co-founder and lead singer, Paul Stanley has been sharing the details of the projects he has been working on with his side band, Soul Station. Stanley’s side band aims to pay tribute to ‘the greatest artists and songs from the R&B and soul catalog.’

Recently, on March 19th, Soul Station released their much-anticipated new album, ‘Now and Then,’ which was initially planned to be released on March 5th. The band has already released the first single of the album, ‘O-O-H Child,’ earlier in 2021.

In an interview with Forbes, Paul Stanley opened up about his exciting new project with Soul Station. During the conversation, he explained whether Soul Station was a way for him to step out of what he does normally to do something completely different. In his response, Paul stated that stepping out of his comfort zone and doing something different would bring him benefits since the experiences he gained were the most important of all.

Stanley also responded to those people who told him to ‘stay in his lane’ and stated that his lane was actually the freeway. He mentioned that he was simply trying to be himself by working on different projects, such as ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ unlike other people’s claims that he was reinventing himself. Paul stated that he has always considered himself as a singer who sings rock, not a rock singer who cannot perform in other genres or work on completely different projects.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated about why he doesn’t consider himself as a rock singer:

“I think any time you can step out of what you normally do you benefit because you bring that experience back with you. People say, ‘You should stay in your lane.’ My lane is the freeway. When I did Phantom Of The Opera people said, ‘Are you trying to reinvent yourself?’ No, I’m just trying to be myself. And I’ve always considered myself not a rock singer, but a singer who sings rock. That’s a choice.”

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