Paul Stanley Praises Richard Lewis For Sharing His Near-Death Experience

In a recent post on Twitter, KISS frontman Paul Stanley shared his reaction to Richard Lewis’ near-death experience.

The 74-year-old American comedian, Richard Lewis, recently revealed on social media that he almost died due to alcohol poisoning back in 1994 and stated that that was the time when he decided to get sober. In Richard’s words, he has been sober for 27 years.

While sharing his experience with alcohol, Richard also encouraged people who struggle to seek help about their addiction. Shortly after his statement, Paul thanked Richard for telling his own story by replying to his post.

In the post, Paul pointed out that Richard’s path out of darkness can enlighten the way of others and congratulated Richard for staying sober for so many years because he thinks that it is a really hard thing to do.

Furthermore, Paul touched upon the fact that people shouldn’t underestimate Richard’s confession because nothing is as easy as it seems and stressed that you need to work hard in order to accomplish what you want in life.

Richard Lewis shared his story:

“August 3, 1994, I thought that I was near death from alcoholism. Early the next day I was rushed to the ER and turned my life around a day, sometimes a minute at a time. If you’re struggling you can get help. I did. August 4, 2021, 27 years sober.”

Paul Stanley replied:

“Kudos Richard! Sharing your path out of darkness can help light the way for others. Because something is possible should never be mistaken for it being easy. Everyone will find out how much something matters by how hard they’ll work to attain it.”

You can check out the post below.