Paul Stanley Names Jimmy Page A Timeless Source Of Inspiration

Social platforms have flooded with happy birthday wishes addressed to one and only guitar hero, Jimmy Page, who just got a year older. Even though growing older might upset him, Paul Stanley decided it was the best time to appreciate Page’s remarkable career with a cute message he shared on Twitter.

“Happy birthday, Jimmy Page!” told the rocker as he shared a photo of him and Page alongside his note.” You continue to inspire me and our times together are so very special. Your fingerprints are on so much of the music heard now and will be made in the future. Thank you for all.”

Yet, this isn’t the first time Stanley has expressed his fascination and appreciation for Jimmy and his musical abilities. The KISS frontman had previously noted that Jimmy’s guitar riffs and showmanship had influenced and changed his musical and personal life when he went to see one of Led Zeppelin’s earliest shows.

So, as Paul said his happy birthday wishes, it might also be the time for us to wish the guitarist a happy birthday and discuss his legacy in rock history. Jimmy’s talent for the guitar became a trademark of Led Zeppelin’s sound for over a decade. With the addition of Robert Plant’s unmatched voice and showmanship, John Paul Jones’ genius for bass, and John Bonham’s thunder-like drumming, the band became monumental in the rock world.

Well, happy birthday to you, Jimmy! As the KISS frontman pointed out, you have been a timeless inspiration for any promising rocker, and your legacy as a guitar hero will never get lost, no matter how much time might have passed.