Paul Stanley Mourns KISS’ Legendary Manager Bill Aucoin


Paul Stanley reflected his sadness and gratitude while paying tribute to the late manager of KISS Bill Aucoin who died 11 years ago by sharing his photo on his official Instagram account. The official Instagram account of KISS honored Aucoin by stating that they can’t forget the contributions of him.

Bill Aucoin initially worked as a cinematographer at Teletape Productions and later he popular for being the man who discovered KISS. Aucoin started to work with KISS as their manager in 1973 and he contributed a lot to the band’s worldwide known image and successful breakthrough. However, Bill and KISS decided to go separate ways because of personal and artistic conflicts after a decade of working together.

Even though Aucoin would no longer the band’s manager, his longtime friendship with the band members lasted until the day he died. He was struggling with prostate cancer and passed away because of the complications after the prostate cancer surgery on June 28, 2010, at the age of 66. KISS members were devastated when they heard of the death of their beloved friend and manager.

Paul Stanley didn’t forget the day that they lost the legendary Bill Aucoin and paid tribute to him by sharing his feelings about him on his social media accounts. Stanley emphasized that KISS wouldn’t be one of the most successful and popular rock bands without Aucoin’s guidance and he defined him as his dearest friend and the fifth member of KISS in the caption of his Instagram account.

Stanley’s Instagram post was written like that:

“Eleven years ago today we lost Bill Aucoin. He was so much more than our manager. He was the fifth member of the band. A rogue, renegade, and visionary. KISS would never have happened the way we did without him. I grew very close to him later on & loved him for our deep friendship.”

Here is what KISS wrote in their post:

Please take a moment to remember our dear friend Bill Aucoin, who passed away 11 years ago today.”

You can see the photos below.

Photo Credit: Paul Stanley – Instagram
Photo Credit: KISS – Instagram