Paul Stanley Hints KISS Will Confront A Pressing Issue In America And Australia

To say farewell to their Australian fans a month before their final concert at the Accor Stadium Sydney, KISS launched the Support Our Veterans Appeal to generate donations to make a difference in the lives of Australian Defence Force veterans.

Paul Stanley appeared on the Sunrise Australian Breakfast Show to talk about why they are so passionate about this cause and how it is a big problem in the US too. The rocker explained:

“It’s no different in the United States. It seems that the people who give the most get back the least. It’s incredible that you have people protecting your freedoms and volunteering to do so, and when they come home, they have to jump through hoops to get what really is rightfully theirs.”

Paul added that it’s the band’s way of giving back to the soldiers who fight for the freedom of others. He said:

“So whether it’s in America, the wounded warriors or your wounded heroes’ and legacy for us, it’s a matter of pointing fingers and going, ‘These are the people who make freedom possible. Freedom is only free for the people who don’t have to sacrifice for it.’ So for us, it’s a great way to perhaps give back something and say another thank you to the people who make this all possible.”

The money raised from the Support Our Veterans Appeal will go to Legacy as well as Wounded Heroes Australia which are charities that support the families of veterans and provide 24/7 emergency crisis support. The organizations will help veterans in Australia who are in an urgent financial crisis, homeless, or at risk of being homeless, and prevent rising veteran suicide rates.

You can watch Paul Stanley’s interview with the Sunrise Australian Breakfast Show below.