Paul Stanley Has People Deleting Rude Comments On His Social Media Accounts

Following David Coverdale, KISS’ Paul Stanley also wanted to wish his fans a Merry Christmas. Although he didn’t wear a Santa costume like Coverdale, Stanley posted a picture of himself raising his glass of wine in a toast. In the tweet, he also revealed that he reads all fan comments and has people who delete some disrespectful and idiotic ones.

“For everyone who asks,” wrote Paul Stanley in the tweet. “Yes! Twice a week or more, I read all your comments. I do have a few people who go through them all before to save me from having to delete and block the idiots who waste time with stupidity or rudeness. You are awesome, and I love hearing from you. Happy holidays!”

Paul Stanley has won fans’ hearts by engaging with them throughout the global pandemic and having sincere conversations with many of them. As it seems, no comment or tweet goes to waste as Stanley sits and reads what the fans wrote to him. However, he still has people who look for rude remarks to delete and block them as he doesn’t want to deal with what they say.

Before Stanley, David Coverdale wanted to celebrate everyone’s Christmas with a video message. He wore a Santa Claus outfit and proposed a toast to peace on Earth for all humankind. In the past years, Coverdale wore his Santa outfit again to share his Christmas wishes with his fans, and this year’s wish was the same as the past year’s.