Paul Stanley Faces Backlash Over His Stance Against Students’ Rights To Protest

KISS’ Paul Stanley is receiving criticism for his comments about the protests at Columbia University.

After students were arrested during the protests at Columbia University, protests began to take place in many universities. Stanley received backlash for criticizing these students. The rocker took to X to comment on the incident:

“Students at private universities have no right to demand anything… other than their safety and the education that was paid for. Those who have strong issues with where or how their chosen institution invests its coffers or any other beliefs that led to disruption on campus should be told to find a place of learning whose policies line up with theirs or face expulsion.”

He added:

“Outside agitators and misguided students disrupt and take away from those who seek an education and the ultimate reward and celebration of reaching graduation.”

The Negative Comments

Stanley received a great amount of backlash after his comments. One user said that Stanley was basically saying the right to protest doesn’t exist:

“You do realize this is straight up just saying the right to protest doesn’t exist on college campuses right. like. the fundamental first amendment right. just making sure we’re all on the same page.”

Another added:

“So those that have money should not be able to speak their minds? Oh wait, you got money and are speaking your mind!”

Another user said everyone has a right to speak their minds:

“Of course, they have a right. Protest is a fundamental right of any US citizen. At the moment, the campus protests are mostly peaceful. And why shouldn’t they protest against the university’s investments?”

You can see Stanley’s statement below.