Paul Stanley Clears The Air About The Concerns Over His Health Status Before The New KISS Show

KISS’ Paul Stanley gave an update about his health condition after contracting COVID-19 and gave some good news to his fans. He stated on his Twitter that he was able to cycle for twenty-five miles thanks to the vaccine and medications.

Around the end of August, there was a rumor that Paul Stanley had a heart attack. Stanley quickly denied having a heart attack and stated that he has been showing flu-like symptoms, which later turned out to be COVID-19. The rockstar and KISS took all the precautions needed, canceled their upcoming shows, and tested every member of the KISS crew.

The frontman didn’t keep his fans in the dark and kept giving updates on his health situation. He first revealed that he had been through rough days, but has entered the recovery process. Later, he posted another tweet stating that even though his symptoms are lighter than other people, he still suffered quite a bit. On September 2, he gave an update saying that he was fine and was resting for their End of the Road world tour.

He recently posted a tweet stating that it has been sixteen days since he first showed the symptoms but can now ride twenty-five miles on his bike. He shared a photo along with the tweet and continued by stating that he wouldn’t be this well if it weren’t for the vaccine and the right medications.

Here is his latest update:

“Sixteen days since my COVID symptoms. Twenty-five miles on my bike today. I’m back and never would have been through it like this without being double vaxxed and proper medications.”

KISS also shared a tweet that updated their fans about the date they are returning for their End of the Road tour, and it is September 9. They shared the rest of their tour dates and excited their fans after announcing they are going back on stage after Stanley’s condition.

Here is their update tweet:

We will return to the stage this Thursday, September 9th, at the Five Point Amp in Irvine, California! All other shows remain unchanged. Rescheduled show dates & info is now live at KISS website.”

The fans were excited to see Stanley and the rest of the band on stage again. As usual, aside from his health status, the fans commented on Stanley’s remark about the vaccination. Stanley being a vaccine supporter, sparked up debates and controversial claims under his post by anti-vaccine supporters.

You can see Stanley’s and KISS’ tweets below.