Paul McCartney Increases Net Worth With Recent Business Investment

Even though Paul McCartney has earned more than most musicians, with his career spanning several decades, the singer has also ventured into investing and made a lot of profit. A source close to the rocker shared with the Sun that the two new businesses McCartney has invested in have increased his net worth substantially.

“Paul is a man of many talents, and his new business brings in the big bucks,” said the source, praising McCartney’s business-savvy side that has been in his favor. Ever since he started his company MPL Ventures during the pandemic, “He uses the company to invest cash in growing businesses, and it’s working a treat.”

The source continued, “So far, he’s used cash to help fund TiNDLE, which makes fake chicken in the US and hopes to bring the product to the UK. Paul also invested in a British-based music tech start-up called Audoo.”

Although McCartney’s investment choices were less conventional, the singer made a significant profit. The source disclosed, “The choices might be a little less traditional than the stock market, but it’s paying dividends to Paul. His accounts this week showed he has £1.5 million in the business now – and it’s all thanks to those clever investments.”

“Paul is always looking for the next big thing, and he’s off to a strong start,” the source claimed, sharing that McCartney always awaits anything that might be worth investing in and smart decisions to make to add value in the long term.

The eighty-year-old Beatle and his drive have not only made his music career a success but also his clever investments have increased his already astonishing net worth. It doesn’t look like the musician is planning to stop any time soon; instead, he is looking for the next big thing to invest in.