Paul McCartney Bids Farewell To His Source Of Inspiration

Following Burt Bacharach’s recent passing, the Beatles icon Paul McCartney paid tribute to the musician on Twitter. The rocker called the late composer a source of inspiration, emphasized how his music differed from the rest of the scene in the ’60s and ’70s, and noted that he would be missed.

Bacharach passed away at the age of 94, leaving a legacy behind as a celebrated musical genius, songwriter, and composer. The hits he’d created were performed by numerous icons of the music scene, from Aretha Franklin to Elvis Costello. Judging from McCartney’s tweets, it is evident that Bacharach’s contributions to the industry also meant a lot to him.

Paul recalled meeting the musician a couple of times back in the day and pointed out how much of an inspiration Burt Bacharach had been for him and his peers. For the Beatles icon, the late composer’s tunes were a breath of fresh air in the ’60s to ’70s, as his music and lyrics differed from the rest of the industry.

The late songwriter also had been the musical director of Marlene Dietrich when the iconic actress took the stage alongside the newly-hit Beatles at London Palladium in 1963. It felt to Paul that Bacharach still had the enthusiasm he had back in the day. The rocker finished his note by calling the late lyricist a ‘lovely’ man and sending lots of love to his family.

McCartney bid farewell to Burt with the following note:

“Dear Burt Bacharach has passed away. His songs were an inspiration to people like me. I met him on a couple of occasions, and he was a very kind and talented man who will be missed by us all. His songs were distinctive and different from many others in the ’60s and ’70s.

When we met not too long ago, he reminded me that he had been the musical director for Marlene Dietrich when the Beatles shared the bill with her at the London Palladium. He was a lovely man. Nancy and I send lots of love to his family.”

Burt Bacharach’s legacy and music meant a lot to Paul McCartney, and he had to take it to Twitter to talk about his importance to him. Surely, Bacharach’s memory will continue to live on through his family, fans, and timeless tunes.