Paul McCartney And Billy Idol Bid Farewell To Punk Icon Vivienne Westwood

British designer and style icon Dame Vivienne Westwood passed away in London on December 29, aged 81. She had closely worked with the Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and played a prominent role in the punk movement with her radical and contentious designs. Following Westwood’s death, tributes began pouring from around the world. Notable names of the rock scene, like Paul McCartney and Billy Idol, also said goodbye to the late icon through their social media accounts.

“December 29, 2022,” were the first words of the statement made from Vivienne Westwood’s official Twitter account. “Vivienne Westwood died peacefully and surrounded by her family in Clapham, South London. The world needs people like Vivienne to make a change for the better.”

While many names shared their sorrow over losing such an influential artist, The Beatles icon Paul McCartney shared a photo taken with Vivienne and appreciated the late designer’s brave spirit. The rocker wrote, “Goodbye Vivienne Westwood. A ballsy lady who rocked the fashion world and stood defiantly for what was right. Love Paul x.”

Billy Idol shared the news article about Vivienne Westwood’s death and said it would take some time to digest this saddening incident. Since he too was one of the most prominent figures of the English punk scene, there is no doubt that Idol was deeply saddened due to the passing of a fellow punk-head. The singer’s tweet read, “RIP it will take me a bit to take this in…”

Besides Paul McCartney and Billy Idol, the pop singer Boy George and the young star Yungblud also bid farewell to the pioneering British fashion designer with heartfelt messages. Yungblud wrote on Twitter, “You gave me the courage to express myself. You were the reason I left the house with the confidence to look the way I did. Heartbroken. Thank you for everything, Viv. RIP.”

Boy George’s tribute to Vivienne read, “R.I.P to the great and inspiring Vivienne Westwood who lead us through punk and beyond. Laughed at by the fashion industry, but without question, she is the undisputed Queen of British fashion. I love you! Oh, bondage up yours!”

Although Vivienne Westwood turned into a worldwide-known fashion designer after establishing herself as a punk rebel, she never lost her passionate activist spirit. She never hesitated to raise her voice on many issues, from environmental protection to human rights. She usually used her fashion shows as a stage to deliver her bold statements and encouraged the customers to buy less and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.