Paul Cook Reveals His Biggest Regret About Sex Pistols

Once the dust is settled and there is no other option but to move on, artists mostly have regrets about their choices as a band and things they wish they had done differently to prolong their careers. The former Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook said to NME that one of his biggest regrets with the band was not working on new original material when they got back together for a brief period towards the late 90s.

“One of my big regrets with the Pistols was not doing a second album,” explained the drummer, sharing his disappointment about ending their career after only one album. Even though the end of the band was more chaotic than most disbandments, the drummer still had hope for them, even with their original bassist Glenn Matlock gone.

He continued, “We could have made another great album, even with Glen gone, when Sid was in the band and all over the place. When we got back together in ’96, we should have tried it then – we did start coming up with some ideas, but John wasn’t enthusiastic about it, and it didn’t come together. It’s a shame.”

The drummer is sure that a reunion isn’t in the cards for them at any point in the future after the court case last year against former frontman Johnny Rotten. Cook and Jones sued the band’s ex-singer for attempting to feature their songs in the biopic series, ‘Pistol.’ Paul Cook doesn’t have what-ifs about how his career spanned over the years; his only regret surrounding the band is not giving the Sex Pistols one more go back in the day.