Paramore Takes Revenge On Ex-Members After Attack On Hayley Williams

Paramore recently celebrated the 14th anniversary of their third album, ‘Brand New Eyes.’ Their celebratory post, however, seemingly took a discreet jab at their former members, Josh Farro and Jeremy Davis, after their statements targeting Hayley Williams.

In the post the band recently shared on their Instagram, the photograph featured only Williams, Zac Farro, and Taylor York, conspicuously cropping out ex-members Farro and Davis.

Upon seeing the post, some fans commented they saw what the band did, praising the move:

“THE CUT, I’m screaming, love you guys.”

Another wrote:

“Well, this cropping situation worked out well.”

However, others pointed out that this was a disrespectful thing to do due to the contributions of the ex-members:

“Interesting how you cropped the guy who wrote 50% of the songs on that (great) album. The shade is real, and it is not cool.”

This isn’t the first instance of such subtle hints from the band. In 2022, Paramore updated the album art of their 2013 self-titled album on streaming platforms, removing ex-bassist Davis and featuring only Williams, with her jacket notably reading, ‘Grow up.’

It all began in December 2010 when the Farro brothers decided to part ways with the group. This exit wasn’t without its controversies. Josh Farro, in a public departure statement, voiced his concerns about the inner workings of the band, targeting lead singer Williams. You can read that story here.

Despite past disputes, Zac Farro rejoined the band in 2017, while Josh Farro pursued other musical endeavors with Novel American and his solo project.

‘Brand New Eyes’ was released on September 29, 2009, via Fueled by Ramen. There are rumors regarding new remixes of the songs ‘Liar’ and ‘You First’ with potential guest vocals from Romy from The xx and Remi Wolf.