Ozzy Osbourne Has Plans To Return To The Stage, Sharon Osbourne Reveals

In a recent interview with Talk TV, Sharon Osbourne shed some light on her husband’s retirement from touring. Fans of the legendary rock musician Ozzy Osbourne might have something to look forward to, as Sharon hinted that he may still grace the stage for live performances in the future.

Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, officially retired from touring in 2023 after a long and illustrious career spanning over five decades. The announcement came following his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease and a series of health issues that forced him to cancel and postpone several shows. Ozzy’s retirement left fans with heavy hearts as they said goodbye to the iconic performer who had given them countless unforgettable live experiences.

However, Sharon Osbourne’s recent interview has ignited a spark of hope for the rock star’s fans. She revealed that Ozzy might not be done with live performances just yet. Although he retired from full-scale touring, it appears he hasn’t completely closed the door on entertaining his loyal followers.

In her own words, she shared an insightful quote about her husband’s future plans:

“That doesn’t mean he’s not going to be doing any shows. If there’s a festival here and there that he wants to do, then he will do that. But it’s just long tours he won’t do anymore.”

The possibility of Ozzy Osbourne returning to the stage, even for a limited number of shows, has left fans buzzing with excitement. Sharon playfully left the question of whether Ozzy would perform a Vegas Residency show in the near future unanswered, leaving room for speculation. While it’s not clear when or where the legendary rocker might retake the stage, it seems that he may have a few surprises left in store for his devoted fans.