Ozzy Osbourne Doesn’t Want To Be A Woman For A Sexual Reason

In a recent episode of the Osbournes Podcast, Ozzy Osbourne humorously discussed with his wife, Sharon, whether he’d prefer to be a woman if reborn.

During a segment inspired by the Reddit ‘WouldYouRather,’ the couple was asked to consider which gender they would prefer to be if they had the chance to live their life over again from the beginning. Then, Sharon asked Ozzy:

“You wanna stay a male?”

To which the rocker immediately responded:

“Oh yeah.”

Sharon said in her reply:

“You wouldn’t like to have a nice pair of boobs?”

Ozzy again affirmed his contentment with being male and added:

“I’d have guys hit on me all the time.”

Sharon’s Take On Gender Preferences

Sharon playfully countered, questioning the appeal of male anatomy:

“I couldn’t think about having an old willy flopping around and… No, no. I love being a woman.”

The singer added another comment, noting:

“The thing is, I’m a man. So I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman.”

Sharon lastly said, confirming his point:

“Yeah. You’re a real bloke.”

Farewell To The Prince Of Darkness

In other news, Sharon revealed in an exclusive interview with The Mirror plans for Ozzy to bid a heartfelt farewell to his fans. Despite retiring from touring due to health issues, Ozzy intends to perform two special shows to properly say goodbye to his supporters. She disclosed:

“He won’t tour again, but we are planning on doing two more shows to say goodbye as he feels like ‘I have never said goodbye to my fans, and I want to say goodbye properly.'”

Ozzy’s Musical Journey And Health Battles

These shows are expected to take place in Aston Villa, close to Ozzy’s hometown. Ozzy’s decision to retire from touring comes after a challenging period marked by his battle with Parkinson’s disease and recovery from a severe fall in 2019, which compounded injuries from a previous accident in 2003.

Despite these health setbacks, Sharon assured fans of Ozzy’s undiminished vocal talent and his continued passion for music. The singer officially announced his departure from touring last year, acknowledging his physical limitations but not his spirit.

You can watch a short clip from the episode here.