Ozzy Osbourne Defends Himself Against ‘Selling Out’ Accusations

Ozzy Osbourne recently sat down with SiriusXM and recalled being accused of being a ‘sell out’ when he agreed to do the MTV series ‘The Osbournes’ with his family. Ozzy explained how the reality TV show conversation started. He said:

“People were saying to me, ‘Have you sold out?’ and all this. I’m in the entertainment game. Somebody came and I thought, ‘Give it a shot’, and he came from ‘Cribs.’ That was the most one they wanted to see over, and I went and I said, ‘Why don’t we do an extended ‘Cribs’?’ But that gets pretty old very quick when you got cameras stuck in every room. It was 24/7, you know!”

He shared that the idea of his reality show snowballed after they filmed an episode for MTV Cribs. Osbourne added:

“It grew out of if we did ‘Cribs’ then it was an extended ‘Cribs’ for a week at the Osbournes, which turned into a month at the Osbournes. Which turned into ‘The Osbournes’, which started this f*cking whole thing.”

The Prince of Darkness also called out the reality TV industry for planning storylines and shared how they shot ‘The Osbournes’ from 2002 to 2005. Ozzy expressed:

“It’s scripted now. [Our show] was not scripted at all.”

During the second season of the show Ozzy’s wife Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer. The singer praised his wife for still doing the show by saying:

“Sharon was very courageous because that’s when she was diagnosed with cancer. And the guy from the crew said, ‘I suppose you want us all to go,’ and I said, ‘Let’s see with Sharon’, and Sharon says, ‘No, let him stay.'”

Even though there was criticism for ‘The Osbournes,’ Ozzy decided to bring back the show as a podcast. They decided to revive ‘The Osbournes Podcast’ for its second season alongside their children Kelly and Jack Osbourne. The first episode of the second season is set to release on September 12th.

In addition to the podcast, the BBC also announced earlier this year the ten-part docu-series, ‘Home to Roost,’ a new reality television show that aims to tell the story of Ozzy’s decision to leave the US and return to the UK.

The family has yet to start filming the series due to the ‘terrible’ real estate market in Los Angeles and are awaiting renovations to their new home so the rocker can receive live-in care for his Parkinson’s disease.

You can listen to Ozzy Osbourne’s interview with Sirius XM and watch ‘The Osbournes Podcast’ trailer below.