Ozzy Osbourne Admits Arguing With Andrew Watt Over ‘Patient Number 9’ Album

Ozzy Osbourne’s latest album, ‘Patient Number 9’ was recently nominated for four Grammy Awards, and the rock icon has expressed his happiness about that. However, it sounds like the record’s creation process was challenging since Osbourne disclosed in a recent interview with Blabbermouth that he and producer Andrew Watt argued.

Osbourne discussed his collaborations with various rock names, from Jeff Beck to Eric Clapton, as he mentioned how proud he was of the Grammy nominations. However, when he was asked what it was like to collaborate with producer Andrew Watt, the rocker appreciated Watt’s talents but admitted it wasn’t always easy.

“He’s a lot better than most producers at collaboration,” remarked Ozzy before explaining why they struggled. “The fact that he plays guitar, and I don’t, and he works with machines, and I don’t, makes it easier. It’s just great working with him. We end up arguing a bit… Sometimes, but not a lot.”

According to Ozzy, working with Andrew Watt was much easier than collaborating with other producers. Osbourne isn’t the only rocker Watt has collaborated with, though, as he also produced Iggy Pop’s new album, ‘Every Loser.’ Andrew also played the guitar in Iggy’s recently released track ‘Frenzy.’ With his musical talent, it looks like Watt is not your usual producer.