Oasis’ Liam Gallagher’s Shares Current Health Status After Falling Out From A Helicopter

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher recently posted a tweet on his official Twitter account to announce that he had an accident and shared the details of how it affected him physically and mentally.

As you know, Liam Gallagher started climbing the ladder of fame in the mid-’90s after he formed the band Oasis. The band’s debut album, ‘Definitely Maybe,’ was a great commercial success, and even though their success continued increasing with every record, Oasis decided to disband in 2009 following the serious falling out between the two brothers and bandmates Liam and Noe Gallagher.

Liam continued pursuing a career as a musician, and he recently appeared on stage to close the first night of the Isle of Wight festival. His setlist included many solo hits and some Oasis classics, and thousands enjoyed his performance. However, as it turns out, this amazing night ended with an unfortunate accident that seems to have affected the musician.

A day after the concert, Liam posted a tweet in which he exclaimed that ‘life is precious‘ and that we should all be careful not to mess it up because we only live once. This tweet got numerous responses, most of which expressed their surprise seeing the musician randomly share his love for life.

Following that, Gallagher posted another tweet and revealed that he fell out of the helicopter but reassured his fans that he’s feeling fine. In the photo that he included, it can be seen that he had ointment wounds on his forehead, upper lip, and nose, and a bandage was covering the bridge of his nose.

In the tweet, Liam approached the accident with humor. He said that this proves that rock n’ roll isn’t dead and challenged the late Who drummer Keith Moon to eat his ‘drum skin. Thousands of fans commented on his tweet and asked for more details while sending their best wishes. Although the musician commented on the accident in a sarcastic way in his second tweet, his first tweet reflects that it also affected him mentally.

This is what Liam said in his first tweet:

“Life is precious let’s make it happen. I’m not messing about we only get to do it once. I’m coming in a mess. I’m going out in style c’mon, you know, I have no time for balloon knots.”

In his follow-up tweet the frontman revealed the details about the accident:

“So check this out; I fell out of the helicopter last night. Right, it’s all good. Who said Rock n’ Roll is dead? Keith Moon, eat your drum skin out. C’mon you know, LG, x.”

You can check out both tweets and watch his recent performance at the Isle of Wight festival below.