Noel Gallagher Clarifies Why Oasis Could Never Be Successful In The US

In a chat with photographer Jill Furmanovsky ahead of her new exhibition, Noel Gallagher shared his thoughts about why Oasis didn’t achieve the same level of success in the United States as they did in their home country by saying:

“America, they couldn’t handle the fact that we didn’t give a f**k about anything. I mean, I think that’s the reason we’ve never really had a number one album in America – they wouldn’t go the extra mile for us because we wouldn’t go the extra mile for them.”

Mentioning how the band’s approach to fans also affected the award nominations, he went on:

“That’s why we’ve never been nominated for a Grammy – you’ve got to do all that stuff over there, you’ve got to kind of fake it a little bit, and we just we couldn’t do it which is why we’d always stall at number two.”

Although Oasis topped the UK Albums Chart with all seven of their studio albums, they didn’t reach the number one spot in the US, with the 1997 album ‘Be Here Now’ coming closest to the top at number two.

The American Audience And Gallagher’s Music

Gallagher’s recent work with his band, the High Flying Birds, followed a similar pattern. The album’ Council Skies’ did well in the UK after its release on June 2, securing the number two spot in the charts, but didn’t go well with the American fans.

The band faced a lack of reaction from the audience during the record’s supporting tour in the summer, as they played four of their newest tracks at the beginning of the shows. So, Gallagher criticized the crowd in an interview with Rolling Stone at the time:

“[It’s] terrible. I’m starting off with [four or] five new ones. People should have bought the f**king album, then, shouldn’t they? They stand there with their mouths open thinking, ‘What the f**k is this?'”

Oasis Reissue In The Charts

Meanwhile, the vocalist and his brother, Liam Gallagher, reissued Oasis’ ‘The Masterplan’ for its 25th anniversary on November 3. The album is currently competing to become the band’s next number one against Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ and Jungkook’s ‘Golden.’