Nita Strauss Shares A Preview Of Her Upcoming New Solo Album

The touring guitarist for Alice Cooper along with a successful career as a solo artist, Nita Strauss shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing a preview video for her upcoming solo album in which there’s footage from the previous live performances in addition to a sneak peek to one of her tracks.

As you might remember, Nita Strauss has been working with Alice Cooper since June 2012 and has toured as his guitarist ever since. However, along with a successful career with one the of most iconic musicians in the world, Strauss also has a solo career that started with her debut solo album, ‘Controlled Chaos’ which was released on November 16, 2018.

Since Nita Strauss is regarded as one of the most successful guitar players in the music industry, especially as a female representative, her first stuıdio album managed to achieve impressive chart positions, however, her fan wanted to hear more from the iconic guitarist.

Nita Strauss gave the thrilling news to her fans as she has been working on her upcoming second solo album for a while now which is going to include vocals from guest female musicians as Nita revealed during an interview last month which hasn’t been done with her previous album that was all instrumental.

While the exact release date wasn’t revealed, Alice Cooper touring guitarist recently shared a post on her official Instagram page releasing a preview video for her upcoming studio album. The video includes concert footage from Nita Strauss’ live performances, combined with a portion of an upcoming track.

Here is what Strauss said:

A preview of what’s to come. I haven’t been posting as much lately, but I’ve quietly working hard on something for the past year… and it’s all finally starting to come together.

You guys wanted to know if new music is coming soon… The answer is official YES.

Swipe up on this post in my story to see more of the process and behind the scenes of the creation of the new album!”

You can see the Instagram post below.