Nikki Sixx’s Regret About Bruce Dickinson


Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx signed his name under many incidents that caused pain to him and the people around him. The modern rock and roll audience is aware of the band’s notoriousness thanks to the adaptation of their biography into a Netflix biopic, ‘The Dirt.’ The new generation saw the band’s experiences in rock and roll party life there. Despite the absurdity of their actions in their earlier years, they gained a whole new generation of fans in addition to the older ones and ripped out their no touring contract to perform for them.

Almost every day, a story about the band members continues to shock people about how they could not be dead or in prison despite their actions. Nikki Sixx avoided death twice before deciding to go clean, and currently, he is leading a healthier lifestyle with his wife and children. He advocates overcoming addiction, having experienced the challenging process first-hand. Hence, the rocker is not shy to talk about his past mistakes. However, there is an incident with Bruce Dickinson that the notorious bassist regrets, and he talked about it back in 2007.

Nikki Sixx Regrets Telling The Truth


Nikki Sixx had sex with Bruce Dickinson’s wife Paddy Bowen back in his partying days. Bowen passed away in 2020 from a tragic accident in her and Dickinson’s house, and the family made no further explanation about her death afterward. Considering the interview where Sixx talks about having sex with his wife in 2007, the arrows pointed at his then-wife Paddy.

This news came as a shock for Dickinson as he didn’t know about the incident before the band released ‘The Dirt’ biography. Hence, he didn’t find out about the incident from Sixx or Paddy but rather from everyone else. Sixx stated that he didn’t want this to be noticed, although it wasn’t his fault that he had sex with his wife. Still, it was his fault that the Iron Maiden singer found out about his affair, something he regretted admitting. He also commented upon the rumors that Dickinson’s single from his debut album ‘Tattooed Millioner’ was for Sixx.

Here are Sixx’s comments:

“Someone said that ‘Tattooed Millionaire’ by Bruce Dickinson was about me, but I don’t know. It was something to do with the fact that I f*cked his wife, and I think he was upset. That wasn’t my fault, by the way. I want to go on the record. She was his wife, but I didn’t know that. I don’t think Bruce found out about it until ‘The Dirt’ I should have kept that a secret.

Mötley Crüe released an album called ‘New Tattoo’ in 2000. It was the first and only album not to feature their iconic drummer Tommy Lee, replaced by Randy Castillo. However, Dickinson’s ‘Tattooed Millionaire’ was released ten years before that, so the single couldn’t be a reference to Nikki Sixx.

Moreover, as ‘Tattooed Millionaire’ came out in 1990, there is no way Dickinson would have read ‘The Dirt’ beforehand as the biography came out in 2001. Hence, the whole idea of releasing a song to reflect on Sixx and his wife is refuted based on the timeline.