Nikki Sixx Poses With DJ Ashba And James Michael As He Announces Release Of New Music


Nikki Sixx recently posted a new photo on his Instagram in which he posed with DJ Ashba and James Michael. In the post, he also announced that they will release new material.

Nikki Sixx is mainly known as the co-founder, bassist, and primary songwriter of Mötley Crüe. Apart from his musical efforts in Crüe, he also formed other bands such as his 58, Brides Of Destruction, and Sixx:A.M. Moreover, the bassist has worked with numerous artists and bands to produce or co-write some songs.

Sixx formed Sixx:A.M. in 2006 with producer and songwriter James Michael and guitarist DJ Ashba. Together, they recorded and released ‘The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack’ in August 2007. Their single ‘Life Is Beautiful’ peaked at lists and received critical acclaim. The band then released their second studio album, ‘This Is Gonna Hurt,’ in 2011, and then three more albums.

As you may know, Nikki Sixx is now getting ready to release his new autobiography ‘The First 21.’ However, it appears he also has plans to make music. In a recent post on his Instagram, Nikki Sixx shared a photo of himself next to James Michael and DJ Ashba. In the caption, he stated that they will release a new album named ‘HITS’ on October 22 with Sixx:A.M. The bassist added that they will soon start dropping some singles, such as ‘The First 21.’

Nikki Sixx’s Instagram post read:

“Excited to get some new Sixx:A.M. music out next month with James Michael and DJ Ashba. I’ve always loved making music with these two. Out HITS album comes out October 22 but lots of new stuff coming before including the single ‘The First 21.'”

Below, you can check out the photo Nikki Sixx included in the post.

Photo Credit: Nikki Sixx – Instagram