Nikki Sixx Faces Backlash From Swifties Over His Comment On Taylor Swift

Nikki Sixx recently made the headlines with his remarks about Taylor Swift’s alleged marketing strategies. While many of his followers disagreed with what he pointed out, Swift’s fanbase also stepped in and stood by the singer’s side. Twitter is now flooded with lots of negative reactions from Swifties, and it seems like Sixx got in trouble for what he said.

Taylor Swift excited her fans with her new release, ‘Midnight,’ and thrilled them more by announcing the 2023 Eras Tour. However, their happiness didn’t last long — fans encountered numerous technical issues while trying to buy the tickets on presale. After Swift’s statements regarding the matter, the US Justice Department opened an antitrust investigation into Ticketmaster.

Upon hearing the news, Nikki Sixx took to Twitter and argued Swift finds something to whine about every time she drops a new album. After this controversial remark, the Swifties targeted Sixx in numerous tweets. “Wow!” a fan wrote, “As a fan of both you and Taylor, I am disappointed in you. What a misogynistic, uninformed comment. And yea, it’s just you!”

Another fan compared Taylor’s achievements to Sixx’s, saying, “She has 40-something Grammy nominations, 11 wins, released five albums in the past two years, wrote her best-selling songs by herself, and more rave reviews than you can count. Meanwhile, your best song’s entire chorus is ‘Girls, girls, girls,’ which you wrote with two other people. Yeah, alright.”

“If ‘whining’ means standing up for herself and her fans who were screwed over by Ticketmaster this past week,” another Swiftie tweeted, “Then I wish more artists would start ‘whining.’ By the way, her album came out nearly a month ago. Bad move to speak out against Taylor, Old Man.”

So, Taylor Swift’s fans are pretty disappointed with Nikki Sixx’s remarks. It’s safe to say that they’re not wrong, as Ticketmaster’s decision wasn’t Taylor Swift’s fault. Apart from Swifties, many of his fans also objected to the bassist’s ‘marketing strategy’ claims. Apparently, Sixx is now facing the opposition of both his fans and Swifties.