Nick Mason Admits He And Roger Waters Accidentally Erased A David Gilmour Guitar Solo

In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason recalled when he and Roger Waters deleted a guitar solo of David Gilmour during the recordings of ‘Animals.’

Pink Floyd’s tenth studio album, ‘Animals,’ dropped in 1977 and is the first work the band recorded in its own studio, Britannia Row Studios in London. Although they had an agreement with EMI for unlimited studio time and, in return, a cut in their earnings, it had already expired when they started to work on ‘Animals.’ So, they built a new facility and transformed it into a recording studio.

Thus, the making process worked differently than in the band’s previous works. When asked about the album, Nick Mason admitted that recording it in their own studio was challenging since they lacked good quality equipment. Even though they still had good ones, they weren’t technically as good as in their previous recording studios. However, they needed to do the remix and the remastering versions of ‘Animals’ using those.

During the conversation, the interviewer asked Mason how these technical issues were reflected on the album. The drummer said that it was actually a new experience for all of them, giving them a chance to work differently. They had to deal with all the details themselves, which was daunting.

There were also some unfortunate moments that negatively impacted the album’s creation process. The musician revealed that when they took over the mixing with Roger Waters to work on a guitar solo of David Gilmour, they accidentally erased it since they didn’t know how to do it.

Nick Mason speaking on the challenging recording sessions of ‘Animals’:

“I think it probably helped. It was a very different way of working from what we’d done before. It would have been almost pointless to take over the mixing desk at Abbey Road, but there was absolutely nothing to stop one of us from engineering a guitar solo. I have a memory of Roger and me actually supervising a guitar solo of David’s and actually wiping it by mistake. That was, again, something you wouldn’t get at Abbey Road.”

You can listen to the album’s remix version through Spotify below.