Neal Schon’s Confession About Betraying Steve Perry

Steve Perry’s departure from Journey was reportedly due to a hip injury that prevented him from touring and performing on stage. To add to his injury, the various personal differences among band members were also a factor in his decision to leave. However, there were rumors going around blaming Neal Schon for being the cause of Perry’s departure.

Neal set the record straight in a 2003 interview with Melodic Rock, where he shared his side of the story of why Perry left. The rocker explained:

“Steve Perry was an amazing singer, and I hope to hear from him again. I hope that he puts out a solo record because I know a lot of people miss his vocals, and everybody blames me for him not being in this band, but I just got to laugh at it because it really wasn’t my decision for him not to be in this band.”

Schon added:

“He did not want to do it, and there have been a lot of people that have speculated and said, well, it’s because I couldn’t stand a competition with Perry and this and that and all this bullshit, but we have just traveled to different places.”

For Neal, the reason Steve left the band was more about the type of music they were making. He said:

“He never really liked to play that much rock n’ roll, even when we did our double live record ‘Captured’ in Detroit; that’s probably the hardest this band has rocked, even if I think it sounds dated when I listen to it now. Progressively we got softer and softer, and great music is great music, but I still like to rock, and it was very hard to get it going.”

Even though Neal confessed that he had nothing to do with Perry’s departure, it’s evident that the two musicians didn’t always see eye to eye, especially after Steve’s departure. For example, Perry’s legal action against his former bandmates.

The singer took legal action, which he has now dropped, to prevent his former bandmates Neal and Jonathan Cain from filing trademarks for numerous Journey songs like such as ‘Anyway You Want It,’ ‘Separate Ways,’ ‘Wheel In The Sky,’ ‘Open Arms,’ and ‘Stone In Love.’

This news made headlines even Cain got involved accusing Schon and his wife of Journey’s current financial state; however, after Perry’s withdrawal, Neal tweeted:

“So much for JC trying to throw me under the bus as he claimed I was blatantly trying to rip off Steve Perry while collecting the checks for the very diligent work my wife and I did to protect our Merch. Time for coffee.”

You can read Neal Schon’s 2003 interview with Melodic Rock here and read his tweet below. You can also listen to ‘Captured’ below.