Neal Schon Says There’s No Chance For Steve Perry To Join Journey

Neal Schon seems quite determined not to let Steve Perry rejoin the band, especially after Journey’s upcoming tour dates were announced. Schon disclosed via Twitter that there was no possibility of a reunion with the former frontman.

Steve Perry had previously filed a lawsuit to protest the trademark registration of twenty Journey songs. The guitarist, however, had stated that he wouldn’t let Steve profit off the band’s work since he was the one who had been with Journey throughout the band’s decades-long career. Schon claimed he had a major influence on the act’s works, and Perry had no right to profit from them.

However, the legal feud between the former bandmates didn’t affect the Journey’s upcoming tour. They had previously announced that the band was hitting the road with Toto, and the tour dates were recently announced. Despite the apparent problems between Journey and Perry, fans still wondered if there would be guest appearances or reunions with Gregg Rolie or Steve Perry.

Schon seems quite determined as he answered these questions with definite rejection. The guitarist stated there was no chance for a reunion with the former frontman. It seems like Schon does not desire to collaborate with Perry, even for a tour. Things are clearly still bitter between the pair, and their personal relationship seems to be getting in the way of their professional one.

A fan asked the following:

“Hi Neal, thank you for posting the 50th-anniversary performance schedule. What about Gregg? What about Perry? No guest appearances or reunions? Sorry for the rude question.”

To which the guitarist responded:

“At this point, I’d say no chance for Steve.”

You can check out Schon’s statement and Journey’s tour dates below.