Mott The Hoople’s Ian Hunter Recalls His Only ‘Argument’ With Taylor Hawkins

Mott The Hoople’s Ian Hunter sat down to chat with Kyle Meredith about his latest musical effort ‘Defiance Part 1,’ where he had the chance to work with the late Taylor Hawkins.

Hunter first recalled his time with the drummer and why Hawkins was similar to Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot and then revealed how he and Taylor always argued about one ‘musical’ aspect, saying:

“Taylor’s [Hawkins] like Joe Elliott, you know he knows everything. He knows everything since God knows when every track, every album, I’ve never known such enthusiasm for any particular genre he loved Yes, that’s where we argue. For him to leave like that, it was shocking, absolutely shocking.”

Hunter had also talked about Hawkins’ knowledge of music and musicians in an interview with Raised on Radio this past March, where Hunter said:

“Well, Taylor, I mean, unbelievable guy. I mean, he’d be on the phone for hours, and he knew everything about everybody. It was like an encyclopedia of music; he loved all kinds of stuff. He wanted to do the whole record; he said, ‘I want to do all of them.'”

Besides working with Taylor on seven tracks, Ian also worked with Jeff Beck after Johnny Depp introduced them. Hunter revealed to Kyle Meredith that he was flattered to have such musicians a part of the album by saying:

“It was weird because I didn’t really know either of them. I mean, I got to talk to him [Taylor] on the phone and stuff a lot, and I went out with Jeff [Beck] and Johnny [Depp], but I hardly knew him, you know, so it’s such a compliment to have people like that on your record everybody on this record.”

The keyboardist also shared with Raised on Radio that Beck’s last sessions in the studio were more than likely spent on his solo album. He added:

“It was [the last] to Jeff, according to his manager. On part two, there’s a track, the ‘Third Rail.’ He doesn’t actually play a solo; he just plays all the way through it… then and there, and that was the last thing he did.”

You can watch Ian Hunter’s interview with Kyle Meredith and listen to ‘Defiance Part 1’ below.