Morrissey Blames The Record Company For Changing The Fate Of His New Album

In the spring of 2021, the countdown began for ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers,’ which Morrissey described as ‘the best album of his life.’ While the expected release of the album in February was eagerly awaited, a recent development upset the fans and obviously pissed off Morrissey a lot. Announcing that ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’ will not be released in February in a statement he shared on his website, Morrissey said that the entire responsibility for this delay is on the record company.

“‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ is no longer scheduled for a February release, as stated by this site,” wrote the musician. “Its fate is exclusively in the hands of Capitol Records (Los Angeles).”

According to a previous statement on Morrissey’s website, the album was completed in May 2021. Announcing the album will consist of 11 songs on the site, Morrissey had said that he was preparing the best album of his life after the worst year he went through. The same post in 2021 noted that the ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’ was completed but unsigned. After that, Morrissey signed with the Capitol for the album’s US release.

The album, whose fate remains uncertain, will also feature RHCP’s Chad Smith, Flea, and John John Frusciante. We’ll also be hearing Miley Cyrus and Iggy Pop. As the release date was approaching, Morrissey spent this year promoting it. During his live performances throughout the year, he sang more than half of the songs, and these previews fueled the excitement even more. After the news shared by the singer, Capitol has not yet responded. It remains unclear when the album will be dropped.