Mindless Self Indulgence Singer Faces Lawsuit Over Sexually Assaulting A Minor

Mindless Self Indulgence frontman James Euringer got sued for sexually assaulting a minor, and the lawsuit was filed in New York by the victim.

Recently, a woman claimed that she had a two-year sexual relationship with James, which began when she was only fifteen years old, and she decided to sue the musician because of that. The woman’s identity has not been revealed due to her privacy right.

In her lawsuit, the victim claimed that the singer was 27 years old when the relationship started in 1997 and ended in 1999. Furthermore, the plaintiff stated that James was fully aware that she was a minor, but it didn’t keep him from continuing the affinity.

In addition to that, she handed in the letter that James wrote to her when she was 15. According to the plaintiff, James also took naked pictures of her during this period and wanted her to act like a child, suck her thumb, and pee in her pants, all of which point towards pedophilia.

Even though there are many serious claims towards James, neither he nor the record company wanted to answer any questions about the lawsuit, which was filed on August 9.