Mikkey Dee Says Lemmy Kilmister Really Hated Being Singled Out From Motörhead


Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee revealed the common problem Lemmy Kilmister faced back in the days during a recent appearance on RRBG Podcast.

As you might already know, Lemmy is the founder of Motörhead and he was the longest and the only original member of the band. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2015 at the age of seventy.

Even though Motörhead had lots of different lineups in years, it had the most stable lineup with Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell alongside Lemmy. Because of how the band members changed in years, people still put Lemmy on the front line and ignored the band.

In the conversation, Mikkey stated that three of them always worked equally to make the recordings and said that Lemmy always hated being singled out for whatever music they have done together.

Interviewer asked:

“Motorhead was very involved with the WWE. I know Lemmy was close with Triple H and did a song for him. How much involvement was there for you in that whole thing? Were you there writing music for Triple H?”

Mikkey Dee replied:

“Yeah, I was. When you talk about Motorhead, you talk about three people, not just Lemmy. Lem was furious about that himself. He really hated being singled out.

Motorhead is a band and we’ve been writing music, me and Phil Campbell have been writing 12 records together musically, and of course, Lemmy writing melodies, lyrics, and of course, music too.”

He continued:

“By the end of each session, whatever we did, was pretty much equal – three people writing things together. And that’s why it came so strong, and that’s why we’ve become such unity, the unique band.

A lot of people might think that, but I think over all the years that we played we’ve managed to bang into people that definitely we were a band. And it was the same way with WWE.”

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