Mike Shinoda Shares The One Thing Linkin Park ‘Sucked’ At

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda recently chatted with NME about his new solo single ‘Already Over.’ When he was talking about his new track, the rocker shared that the band’s biggest hits came from a songwriting process similar to his solo work. He explained:

“The way I write with Linkin Park is basically the way I write my own music. I’ve always written on my own with the band much more than I’ve written with the band.”

Mike went on to share his process with the rest of the band to create the hits that fans know and love. He added:

“Usually, the process with Linkin Park would be that I would make demos that were more instrumental. Sometimes I would be like, ‘OK, this demo is not going to be like presentable until Chester sings it,’ so then I’d have him sing, and then we play it for everybody else.”

The rocker shared that the Linkin Park hits didn’t come from every band member coming together to make a song since they ‘sucked’ at it. He revealed that he has come up with the best song ideas when he has worked on them alone. Mike continued:

“People think bands just get in a room and jam and write a song, and we have never done that. We sucked at that. We tried it multiple times over the years, and it just never worked. I come up with a lot of my better stuff when I’m doing it on my own.”

You can read Mike Shinoda’s interview with NME here and listen to ‘Already Over’ below.