Mike Shinoda Reveals Jay Z’s Influence On His ‘In My Head’

Linkin Park celebrates the 40th anniversary of ‘Meteora’ this year, but Mike Shinoda was also busy working on a new single, ‘In My Head.’ Speaking to Genius, Shinoda revealed a Jay-Z influence while explaining the meaning behind the song.

The singer said:

“I grew up on ‘Golden era’ hip-hop. For some reason, I was thinking of Jay-Z’s ‘Friend or Foe.’ He comes, ‘Friend or foe / Yo, state your biz,’ and the whole way he does the whole verse is like he’s having a conversation with you. But there’s an attitude to it.”

On the songwriting process of the song’s verse, he said:

“So, starting the verse off with ‘Let it begin,’ the attitude for me was like, ‘Oh, here we go again. I’m just trying to get through my day and do what I want to do, and my brain is almost working against me like I can’t stop this nonsense going on.'”

Linkin Park has a past with Jay-Z, as the two acts collaborated on 2004’s ‘Collusion Course.’ However, Shinoda’s admiration for the rapper goes beyond being a music partner, as he revealed in an interview with Audacy’s Hip-Hop Made three months ago. He said:

“Jay-Z’s manager came to us about what became ‘Collision Course.’ They said, ‘Mashups are hot right now; MTV wants to do a show about mashups. Jay-Z wants to do it with you.’ What they didn’t know was that who they were asking that question was a massive Jay-Z fan.”

You can watch the interview and listen to Mike Shinoda’s ‘In My Head’ below.