Mike Portnoy Decides To Quit Twitter For Good

Mike Portnoy recently posted that he would no longer be using Twitter actively, disclosing that he had trust issues about the platform’s recent controversial policies.

It was only recently when Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick slammed Elon Musk by calling out the CEO for turning Twitter into a ‘flaming wreck’ and criticizing him for creating a breach of security by granting anyone access to the blue verification mark. It seems that Skolnick isn’t the only one who’s opposed to the recent policy, as Portnoy also tweeted that he was leaving the platform.

The rocker discussed how he had his troubles with fake accounts using his name in the past, and as he didn’t want to relive those troubles, he’d decided to leave Twitter and carry on through other social platforms. He simply shared his decision by bidding his goodbyes to the platform and his followers, sharing a statement detailing his reasons for quitting.

Portnoy’s statement followed:

“As somebody who has dealt with online imposters, blue check verification is something that I always found to be pretty important to have on social media. With Twitter now stripping everybody of them and enabling anybody to simply buy one and pretend to be anybody with no verification, I think it’s time to bounce from here to avoid any possible confusion or mistaken identity.

I will still be using my Instagram and Facebook with daily posts and content, so please follow me over there so you can be certain it is actually me posting.”

So, it’s apparent that Elon’s recent moves on Twitter made some rockers quite uneasy, as from Skolnick to now Portnoy, let their displeasure known by tweeting and criticizing the recent policy and noting how important it was to have their verification.