Mike Patton Admits He Stole Fashion Ideas From Maynard James Keenan

A 2008 interview of Mike Patton recently re-emerged thanks to Revolver, during which the Faith No More singer reflected on touring with Tool and Maynard James Keenan’s stage wear.

Faith No More has been in the rock and roll world since 1979. The band went through several hiatuses throughout their career and finally returned to the stage in 2019. Faced with a global pandemic afterward, they couldn’t really hold tight to their live shows and had to announce the cancellations.

Regardless, they had a successful career releasing seven studio albums and influenced their contemporaries greatly. Nirvana’s bassist Novoselic had stated that FNM ‘paved the way’ for bands like Nirvana back in the 1980s and praised the band. Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant said that FNM was one of his favorite bands in 1988 when Chuck was the band’s frontman.

The band’s current vocalist Mike Patton talked about working with Tool and touring with them in a 2008 interview with Revolver. The interview recently resurfaced and revealed that Patton had a really good time working with the band. He stated that they treated them very well and praised them for not caring what the industry and labels expect.

Here is what Patton stated about Tool:

“Honestly, it has been great! Tool always pays us fairly and treats us very well. I admire that they do whatever they want. They don’t take orders from record labels or ‘industry types.’ My hat is off to them.”

Tool also influenced Faith No More in other ways and set a good example of how a long-lasting band should act. Unlike other rockers, Tool proved that they could be successful without being as ‘crazy’ as possible and getting hooked on drugs. He also mentioned that Maynard James Keenan’s stage outfits inspired him greatly.

Here is what he stated about Tool and MJK:

“They give me hope that not all huge bands are pompous, clueless, drug-addled morons. That, and I steal lots of fashion ideas from Maynard’s stage wear.

In the same interview, Patton had stated that when he met Tool, their name was Theremin Toolbelt, and he didn’t like it. He recommended they came up with stronger names like ‘Hammer’ or ‘Wrench,’ and eventually, they came up with Tool and have embraced it to this day.