Mike Kroeger Now Wants To Use ‘Nickelback Hate’ To Make Money

In a recent conversation on Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown, Nickelback’s Mike Kroeger talked about turning the band’s negative image into something positive.

Nickelback faced controversy and criticism in the rock world. Kroeger shared his thoughts on the topic, saying:

“Well, what the thing about it’s like not to fat shame, but it is the 800 lb gorilla in the room, and I don’t mind addressing it myself, and that’s why I’m kind of doing the rounds on this stuff is because I’m like… I guess I’ve never really taken any of that very seriously. It’s hurt me and my family as you’ll see in the documentary. That’s a spoiler alert, but now I don’t really care about it, and now I kind of want to use it.”

Nickelback’s 90-minute documentary, ‘Hate To Love: Nickelback,’ will arrive in cinemas on March 27 and 30. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. It aims to show how the band became famous and the challenges they faced.

The Kroeger Brothers Speak Out

In recent interviews, Mike and Chad Kroeger discussed their thoughts on the band’s reputation. Chad Kroeger talked about the hate they receive and said he moved past caring about all this negativity.

Nickelback’s public perception changed over time. Mike noted in a chat with NME that Nickelback might no longer be the ‘most hated band’:

“As an addendum, I believe that, sadly, Machine Gun Kelly has now had the crown fall on his head because he’s getting pilloried by the media, and it’s terrible. It never ceases to amaze me how little people have to do to bring the hammer of public vitriol down on them. I’ve no idea what he’s done, but I guess he’s winning!”

Nickelback goes on a ‘Get Rollin” tour in May and June. They will perform in eight European countries. The tour begins in Glasgow at the OVO Hydro on May 16. Then, they will have concerts in Manchester on the 20th, London on the 21st, and Birmingham on the 23rd.

You can watch Kroeger’s full interview below.