Mick Mars Puts John Corabi Ahead Of Vince Neil As He Shares His Favorite Mötley Crüe Album

The former Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars has shared his favorite records, but they don’t include Vince Neil.

In a recent interview with Artists On Record, Mars was asked about his favorite Mötley Crüe records. Though he did not name one, he mentioned the album the former frontman contributed to. Mars said:

“The [John] Corabi album. I felt that we had reached the right area in that time perspective. If we were a new band, that would have exploded bigger than just about anything in my opinion, but it was too late. If we had changed our name, it would have probably gone killer, and people are just now discovering that as well. So ahead of our time.”

How Mars’ Split From Mötley Affected Him

Mars had to quit the band due to health issues in 2022. Shortly after, he was replaced by John 5.

Even though John 5 took Mars’ place, he said that there were no hard feelings between the two. Additionally, Mars shared that his split from the band had more advantages than disadvantages. In a previous interview with FOX17, the former guitarist explained:

“Diversity is, not always, but is missing nowadays. I purposely wrote this way, in this manner, to take you on a little short journey. Every song you hear, you’re imagining or seeing a different landscape or whatever; it’s a music scape, I guess. But I wanted to put that across to show that I’m not just this [one-dimensional player and songwriter]. I feel more like I’m free to do whatever. […] There’s a billion different things that you can do, and you stay in this little box. I can’t do that.”

Another Album Is Coming

Mars released his first album ‘The Other Side Of Mars’ on February 23. It’s not even been a month, but the rocker is already getting ready to release another album. In his words, the next album will slightly have a different sound to it.

You can see the recent interview below.