Mick Mars Probably Won’t Bury The Hatchet With Mötley Crüe, John Corabi Explains

In a recent interview with We Go To 11, John Corabi revealed that he had been in contact with Mick Mars following the guitarist’s lawsuit against Mötley Crüe. The vocalist clarified that he chose to maintain a neutral stance yet claimed that Mars was pissed at his former band.

Without offering specific details, he said:

“Well, we didn’t ‘talk talk’; we were corresponding via text. I don’t wanna get into their business ’cause it always seems to end up as clickbait somewhere. But this is playing out exactly how I thought it would. And right now, from what I can gather, Mick is pissed.

I don’t know if he’s rightly pissed or wrongly pissed, but he’s pissed. And we’ll just leave it at that. That’s something that they’ll sort through and figure out. And hopefully, they can bury the hatchet. But who knows, dude?”

In the period following the guitarist’s exit from Mötley Crüe, Corabi publicly suggested his departure might be due to the band’s dissatisfaction with his playing. After receiving criticism for his remarks, he addressed the matter in an interview with Sofa King Cool Magazine in early June.

Further highlighting his desire to remain outside the dispute, the vocalist explained the logic behind his early guess about the fallout between Mars and the band. Then, he went on to claim that the situation was no surprise to him by saying:

“So, to me, this was just something that was inevitable. It’s unfortunate, but it was inevitable. So… c’est la vie [Laughs].”

Meanwhile, TMZ has reported some new developments in the ongoing legal tussle. Apparently, Mötley Crüe asked the judge to handle the case in private, not in public, and strike Mars’ claims of substance abuse and physical violence as they were ‘for purposes of character assassination.’