Mick Jagger Responds To Paul McCartney After He Reignited The Feud With The Rolling Stones


Paul McCartney stated this week that The Rolling Stones are just a blues cover band and the long-running friendly rivalry took another turn after Mick Jagger’s recent response to the Beatle.

The Rolling Stones and the Beatles are two of the most known rock bands of all time in history. Thus, it would be naive to think there wouldn’t be competition between them. Their friendly feud is known to have started in 1987, 17 years after the Beatles had broken up, and Mick Jagger stated their break up was an excellent idea.

This verbal fight was carried on for decades by Jagger and McCartney as recently McCartney resurfaced the feud and stated that the Rolling Stones is just a blues cover band while praising the Beatles. He also confessed that the Beatles are better than the Stones because they have a wider range. Even though he mentioned that he appreciates the band members’ individual talents, he added that it was a mistake for the Stones to get stuck on blues.

Here is what McCartney said about The Stones in 2020 on Howard Stern:

“I’ve always said it, but the thing is, The Stones are a fantastic group, I go see them every time they come out. They’re just a great, great band. Mick can really do it, the singing and the moves and Keith, and now Ronnie, you know, and Charlie, I mean, they’re great, I love them.

But they’re just rooted in the blues, and so when they’re writing stuff, it’s to do with the blues. Whereas we had a little more influence. I mean, Keith once said to me, ‘You’re lucky, man,’ he said, ‘You have four singers in your band,’ he said,’ ‘We got one.’ You know, there’s a lot of differences, and I love The Stones, but I’m with you – The Beatles were better.”

More recently, McCartney repeated that the Stones is a blues cover band in an interview with The New York Times and re-ignited the feud. Mick Jagger addressed this at a concert at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles two days ago and stated that McCartney would help them to cover a blues song.

Here is how he stated that jokingly:

“Paul McCartney is here. He’s going to help us. He’s going to join us in a blues cover later.”

You can see Mick Jagger’s tweet including the concert footage and McCartney’s 2020 interview with Howard Stern below.