Mick Jagger And His Son Lucas Are Having A Great Time During Their Holiday In Greece

The Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger‘s son Lucas Jagger shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing many pictures from their vacation from, most likely, Greece, and apparently, both father and son seem to have a great time during their vacation.

As many of you know, despite the fact that he has thousands of followers on his official Instagram account, Lucas Jagger seems to does not care about sharing posts frequently, on the contrary of every other teenager.

Lucas Jagger shared a post a week ago on his Instagram account revealing a picture on top of a hill and stating that he’s going through an emotional regeneration. Lucas seemed quite happy with a big smile on his face and extremely comfy with baggy clothes.

Here is what Lucas said:

“Emotional reset part 1”

A week after, Lucas Jagger shared another post on his official Instagram page including many pictures with his father, Mick Jagger, starting with the same place he shared a picture last week, with the exact same clothes. Apparently, father and son have been on a vacation for a week now and they both look lovely.

While fans have been pouring comments under Lucas’ post, asking about the place they both are for their vacation, neither Lucas nor Mick revealed the exact location of themselves, however, from many pictures Lucas shared, it is most likely to be Greece.

Here is what Lucas said:

“pt 2”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.

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