Michael Derosier Recalls Ann Wilson’s Attempt To Include All Heart Members In Songwriting

Even after musicians move on from their original bands to venture out and challenge themselves creatively, some songs from their previous records remain stuck in their minds. In an interview with Rock History Music, original Heart drummer Michael Derosier shared his thoughts about one particular song he has mixed feelings about which is also the only Heart song credited to all the band members with Ann Wilson’s suggestion.

“Sometimes I listen to it, and I don’t like it,” said the drummer before admitting that his experimental approach to ‘Little Queen’ made him dislike his playing in the song. “I don’t like what I played on that; some things I think are okay. I was figuring out some little punctuation things to set up changes and, you know, if coming into a verse or getting out of the verse or trying to do something, and I didn’t want to do stock junk. I was just in the mood that day, I don’t know, so I tried some things.”

Michael gave an interesting fact about the song and noted, “That song was the only song that Heart ever got credit for as a band. We, for some reason, Ann primarily and I don’t know if Nancy even had anything to do with this, Ann just decided, ‘Well, we’ll say that everybody wrote this up,’ it was a band effort, and it was just something we sort of jammed out.”

‘Little Queen’ was released in 1977 as the second single from the band’s second album, ‘Little Queen.’ The song is still special in its own right. Even though the drummer doesn’t particularly like his playing on the track due to the different things he’d tried to do, and it didn’t perform well on the charts, it is the only song with each Heart member’s name attached to it.