Melvins’ Buzz Osborne Slams Prince’s Music And Michael Jackson’s ‘Character’

Recently speaking to New Noise, Buzz Osborne, the frontman of Melvins, criticized the music of Prince and questioned the ‘character’ of Michael Jackson.

The rocker shared his views on Prince’s musical style:

“I don’t know what was going on in Prince’s head, and I’m certainly no expert on him. I know that out of all the times I’ve heard his music, nothing impressed me at all.

Not in the least. When he died, we were on tour. So there’s these radio stations playing nothing but his stuff. I didn’t find one song. I thought it was all just terrible.”

He then moved on to talk about Michael Jackson and said the following regarding the late pop icon’s allegations of child sexual abuse:

“Michael Jackson is probably better. His songs are better, but he’s a child molester. It kind of ruins it. So Prince wins on that one. He was just a drug addict.”

Osborne detailed why he doesn’t like Prince’s music:

“I just don’t hear it. It just sounds like crappy pop music to me. I might as well be listening to Madonna. ‘Oh, he’s such a great musician.’ Well, I couldn’t tell. Everything just sounds processed and sh*tty.

There’s no real drums on any of it. Not that I heard. I don’t know what it is. Not even disco. The Bee Gees are better. They have better songs.”

Later in the interview, when the host said that Prince had played drums on a lot of stuff, Buzz replied with a criticism again:

“He may have played drums, but they don’t sound like drums. Sounds fake to me. I don’t want to hear fake drums. I want to hear a real industrial type of situation.”

Melvins prepares for their ‘Twins of Evil’ 2023 US co-headlining tour with Boris. It is scheduled to kick off on August 24 in Los Angeles. After more dates in September, they will end the tour with a final show in San Diego on October 14.