Maynard James Keenan Recalls Telling Sammy Hagar He’ll Stab Him

Tool, Puscifer, and A Secret Circle’s Maynard James Keenan recently recalled threatening to stab Sammy Hagar back in March after he proposed to touch one of his grapes in his vineyard.

MJK is as passionate about winemaking as he is with music, maybe even a little bit more. When he speaks about his grapes, wine, and vineyard, his eyes twinkle, and each time, he makes it obvious how proud he is with his work. He owns Merkin Vineyards and Caduceus Cellars in Arizona and spends his days producing wine there as he also resides in the area.

The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar and Guy Fiery visited his vineyards to talk about music back in March. Before they started talking business, he gave them a small tour around the vines and briefly explained his favorite thing to do. However, when Sammy Hagar asked if he could taste one of the grapes, MJK replied, ‘I will smack you.’

In a recent interview with Scott Lipps, MJK recalled this moment and admitted that he threatened Hagar for wanting to touch one of the grapes. However, his memory recalled that he made a more horrifying threat than smacking. According to MJK, he said ‘I’ll stab you’ to Hagar, which showed how intense he can be when it comes to his vines.

Here is how he recalled the moment in his recent conversation:

“There is a bunch of people all over the state that dig the vineyards tours right now. But the tasting rooms are open to people. So we have several tasting rooms with full menus, of wines and food that we grow. We have three greenhouses and several orchards and gardens that feed the menu. So, it’s literally farm to table.”

Scott Lipps stated:

“I saw a great clip that Sammy Hagar and Guy Fiery came to your vineyard, and I think it was Sammy or Guy, he was like, ‘can I just grab these grapes?’ And you were like, ‘I’ll slap you.'”

MJK replied:

“I think I actually said ‘I’ll stab you.’ He’s recovered.”

You can watch MJK threatening to smack Hagar below.