Max Cavalera Reveals The Alice In Chains Song Ozzy Osbourne Used For Soundcheck

The legacy of Layne Staley still influences the rock scene as Alice In Chains’ sound has established an epic presence, and various rockers paid homage to Staley and the cult act by picking their favorite tracks in a recent issue of Metal Hammer. Sepultura’s former frontman Max Cavalera, also disclosed his favorite AIC track while claiming that it is also probably Ozzy Osbourne’s preferred track.

Cavalera recalled performing with Alice In Chains and Ozzy Osbourne back in the day and named ‘Would?’ as his favorite Alice In Chains track. It seemed to Max Cavalera that Ozzy was also fond of the song, as the Prince of Darkness would perform it during soundchecks multiple times.

“I first heard it on a movie soundtrack [1992 grunge rom-com ‘Singles’], and I really dug that melody; it was beautifully sung by Layne,” stated the rocker as he disclosed how he had discovered ‘Would?’ “We did some gigs with Alice In Chains and Ozzy Osbourne back in the day, and Layne would come to hang out on the bus with us – he was real cool.”

He continued by disclosing how Osbourne would use the song during his soundchecks. “In fact, Ozzy used ‘Would?’ almost every day for soundcheck – I don’t know if the sound guy was obsessed with them or whatever, but he would play it five or six times in a row some days. That stuck with me, but luckily I love that song, so I didn’t care.”

It was apparent that the track had become a regular in Ozzy’s soundcheck setlist, and luckily for Cavalera, he enjoyed the song enough not to be bothered by how often Osbourne played it.