Matt Cameron Says Joining Pearl Jam Was An ‘Easy Transition’


In a recent interview with Rick Beato, Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron shared his thoughts about his smooth transition from Soundgarden after they decided to disband.

Matt Cameron’s tenure with Skin Yard in the early ’80s allowed him to be recognized as one of the most acclaimed drummers of that era. The evolution of grunge drumming and Cameron’s position in the rock scene made his transition to Soundgarden as smooth as possible.

After being a part of Soundgarden’s glorious days, rising tensions between the band members eventually resulted in their disbandment. Not long after, Pear Jam’s Eddie Vedder reached out to the drummer to come and tour with them. He replaced Jack Irons as Pearl Jam’s drummer in 1998. He has been in this position ever since.

The drummer stated that after he accepted to go on tour with Pearl Jam, he was initially frantic, thinking he needed to focus and get used to the material. Soon after, he realized Pearl Jam was not out of his wheelhouse, so it was an easy transition. However, it hadn’t hit him yet that his time with Soundgarden was over. Once he fully recognized the situation, it felt like a divorce. Even though it was hard, Cameron had to move forward and dive into something else.

Matt Cameron’s thoughts about joining Pearl Jam:

“After I got off the phone with Eddie and agreed to do this upcoming tour, I hung up the phone, and I was just, ‘My God, what have I just agreed to?’ Just one of those moments, ‘Okay, I gotta get to work.’ Not much of it was out of my wheelhouse regarding how I approach playing in rock bands. I’ve known those guys forever, so it was an easy transition, personally and professionally.

But, you know, the dust hadn’t settled for me with losing Soundgarden. And I’ve just been the ‘full throttle’ kind of musician. I’m just constantly moving forward, you know? And that’s how I’ll always be. The transition was tricky, just for me, because it was like going through a divorce, or something like that.”

You can watch the interview below.