Marilyn Manson’s Home Gets Raided By The Police While He’s On Honeymoon

After facing over a dozen sexual assault allegations from several women, the police got a warrant to enter Marilyn Manson‘s house to obtain evidence to be used in court in support of some of the allegations. In the meantime, Manson and his wife Lindsay were on their honeymoon while his place was raided.

Manson was recently sued by his former girlfriends Evan Rachel Wood and Game of Thrones star Esmé Bianco, his former assistant Ashley Morgan Smithline and another woman, who wanted to remain anonymous. The musician was accused of sexual assault, rape, battery, harassment, and more. Manson and his team continue to deny the allegations against him, stating that his relationships were always consensual.

However, the court cases are ongoing, and the singer’s attorney was looking positively to a global mediation to settle the case outside of the court. In the light of recent news, the singer’s house got raided by police who had a search warrant. They entered his house to obtain evidence and took some media storage units like hard drives, which will be researched and taken into consideration by the court.

The shock rocker was on his honeymoon as he married Lindsay Warner during the lockdown in 2020. The couple’s photos were shared by The Sun, and the couple can be seen enjoying their time in Berlin. The photos were allegedly sent to a fan account by Lindsay. According to the source, Lindsay wanted to send a message to his fans thanking those who have supported and believed them during this process.

It is clear that Lindsay supports Marilyn during these challenging times. The couple has been together for eight years, and she claims that Manson is far from an abuser. One of the common claims made by the victims was that Manson was a ‘dangerous man,’ yet Lindsay is constantly trying to prove that he isn’t.