Marc Storace Explains Why Krokus Weren’t Able To Retire

In his recent interview with Disturbing The Priest, Marc Storace of Krokus shared his thoughts about how the global pandemic affected their retirement plans, and how the band recovered from the frustration they felt. Storace said:

“We’re doing gigs again. We did this big festival tour in 2019, and then came COVID, the big lockdown. And we kind of lost our nerves, and the guys said that, ‘Let’s just close down the shop. It’s not worth it.’ And that’s when I started working on my solo thing, the Storace stuff. And now, we just played a couple of big places, and we’ve got another coming up.”

When the interview mentioned that the fans thought Krokus’s journey came to an end, Storace agreed by saying:

“So did I. I really thought it was [over].”

However, he continued with why it isn’t possible for them to quit by saying:

“But then, you know how it is — we’ve all got this rock and roll virus in our blood. Music isn’t easy to switch off.”

He also expressed how he treasures the transformation of his hobby to his occupancy, and for that reason, he continues to do his job with the following words:

“For us, it’s like a hobby which turned to work, and we could manage to live off it, which is, for me, a golden thing. I really treasure the fact that what I do is what I love to do, what I loved to do when I was a kid already, and I’m still doing it.”

You can watch the interview below: